Mathieu N. Picard

(506) 804-2057
Car & Motorcycle Accident | Pedestrian & Cyclist Accident | Property Damage Claim | Long Term Disability Claims | Slip & Falls and Other Injuries | Corporate & Commercial

Mathieu Picard is as passionate about his community as he is about his profession. His critical thinking abilities, as well as his strategic approach, make him an expert in conflict resolution. Mathieu appreciates a good challenge; he is constantly striving towards the elaboration of innovative and efficient strategies to deliver the best results possible to his clients. He possesses a large array of professional experience and skills, including a nomination to a federal administrative tribunal by the Governor in Council. 

As a lawyer, Mathieu is devoted to his clients and is constantly searching for effective solutions for optimal results. Mathieu has always wanted to work in law, a field he believes is full of unique challenges and opportunities; he offers, along with the other members of his team, an approach that is personalized to the needs of his clients. He has defended clients in complex commercial cases, where there were as many parties involved as there were issues in dispute. Mathieu will ensure your legal representation from the beginning of your case to its resolution. His experience in litigation and as a member of a tribunal makes him an effective and experienced representative before judicial courts and administrative tribunals.  

“Client satisfaction and results are, in my opinion, essential to the work we do at Fidelis. Our team is constantly working together and is motivated by solutions. Our clients need guidance and we are always there to accompany them in this complicated process. We take care of them, and that is what I love most about my work.”