Alexandre Vienneau

(506) 801-1126
Car & Motorcycle Accident | ATV & Snowmobile Accident | Pedestrian & Cyclist Accident | Slip & Falls and Other Injuries

Alexandre has always had a deep aversion to injustice. Helping accident victims fight insurance companies in order to receive fair compensation motivates him greatly in his work.

A native of Petit-Rocher, New Brunswick, Alexandre has an intellectual curiosity which drives him to find solutions to the problems faced by his clients. He likes to put his knowledge to good use and has a knack for clearly explaining complex legal concepts.

Alexandre is a good listener and uses that skill to help his clients navigate the justice system, which can sometimes be very complicated. He aims to provide peace of mind to his clients so that they can focus on their recovery.

Outside of work, Alexandre is a big fan of sports - he plays volleyball, soccer, hockey, tennis and golf, among others.